To celebrate my PhD degree and the memory of my Dad

Aneta Oleksiak
van totaal € 775 (282%)


Thank you for taking your time to learn about my story and 'actie'!

It was May 2017.

When I was in the middle of my PhD degree, I got to hear the toughest sentences I ever heard in my life: Your father has a stage IV pancreatic cancer with metastasis to multiple organs. This is terminal, enjoy the last months together and try to prepare for his death. He passed away within two weeks from the diagnosis at the age of 59. I guess I don't have to tell you what I felt and...still feel.

This horrible disease progresses secretly without giving any clear signals until the moment when it is too late. At the moment the available treatment methods are only prolonging patient's life. It is time to develop a cure that will save people and help them cherish their lives with their loved ones!

I find Casper's research very promising and therefore want to contribute to his efforts.

Please help me celebrate my PhD and the memory of my Dad. My aim is to collect €775. This is a symbolic number. It reflects the number of days that will have elapsed between my Dad's death (19.05.2017) and my PhD defense (02.07.2019). It took me thus 775 days to fulfil my Dad's last dream.

And here it is my next challenge: € 775 to get closer to a cure for pancreatic cancer!

I tremendously appreciate your help. Thank you!


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€ 100 19-05-2021 | 13:48 Dad, today is a special's been four years since you lost your fight. You will never be forgotten. You live on in our hearts and memories which we cherish every day.
€ 25 26-10-2020 | 20:07 Hi Aneta, Your story really struck me. I submitted my PhD thesis in the same week that I heard my mother had pancreatic cancer, and I defended ten days after you did. Now I’m a postdoc working at the RUG. My mother is still here, thankfully (and has her own actie). I hope you’re doing okay. All best wishes, Eveline
€ 50 08-07-2019 | 19:29
€ 15 08-07-2019 | 19:25 ❤❤❤
€ 60 08-07-2019 | 19:21