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Roberto Spadon
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On 8th June 2021 our colleague and friend Roberto Spadon passed away after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on 27th May. Roberto was known for his high energy, humor, friendly character and willingness to help others. He will be enormously missed by his family, friends and colleagues. A private funeral took place June 16th. Days after his passing away Roberto’s lovely wife Mirjam had to undergo a major surgery, as she had also been diagnosed with cancer.

As a token of respect toward Roberto - and also to show sympathy to Roberto's wife and family - his Juniper Networks colleagues have decided to organize fundraising in his name. This fundraising is not solely intended to raise money for the cause, it also intended to show his family how many people care and will deeply miss Roberto. When making a donation a small message for the family of Roberto would be appreciated.


Many thanks, the Juniper Networks team

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€ 100 08-09-2022 | 17:18 Als ik op de racefiets stap denk ik nog vaak aan Roberto, aan de vele bike events enaan zijn heerlijk platte Haagse-Harry-Humor. Je hebt niet voor niets geleefd, Spadoni!